To hire Dr. Whitcomb for a presentation

Dr. Whitcomb's standard rate is $100 per hour (for a single presentation involving less than half of a day), or $500 per day (for full days or multiple presentations), plus travel and expenses.  These rates may be negotiable if the engagement offer is highly appealing (for example, if there were going to be a large number of people in attendance).

Dr. Whitcomb regularly presents on the following topics:

  • intonation
  • tone
  • playing musically
  • vibrato
  • dynamics, color, and character
  • performance anxiety
  • efficient practicing techniques
  • writing your own cadenzas
  • bowing styles
  • fingerings
  • music theory for performers
  • rehearsal techniques for chamber music
  • preparing for performances or auditions

If you would like Dr. Whitcomb to address a topic that is not listed above, you may still request it, but Dr. Whitcomb may decline.

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